Bib Bib Wednesday!

Why Bib Bib Wednesday?
Coz most of the stuff here are Bib Necklace inspired; Well I mean dresses/tops not shoes la LOL!
Enjoy my updates!
(oops! sorry! day mistake lol!)

Secret Shoes Project
RM 89 | RM 75 | RM 65
These heels are crazily chic! Like seriously! See the studs on both the heels, see the laced up boots. What more can I say? Grab it fast girls! We wouldn't wanna miss it wouldn't you? ;) I would get some but too bad they don't have it in my size (size 40 / Vincci 9)

RM 45
Tops with their own Bib necklace! Who can say no? With this top, you can save up your money from buying Bib necklace and definitely can spend it on somethin more worth it, don't you think? While Bib Necklace only goes with era, tops like this don't. Invest invest that's all I can say!

La Vie Collection
RM 85
Its a pre-owned items but I can't seem to ignore it! It's too fabulous. I love the details on it. The see through part, the lacey lacey and the earthy colour. Very rare to find this kinda dress. Its in a very good condition too 10/10. Grab it already!

Ultimate Dazzle
RM 65
I have been in love with this bag for so long. Chanel inspired bag. I love how it looks like a shopping bag. And I heard the material is good too. Rm 65 for a bag like this? A total steal! Love the fact that its exactly the same like the real Chanel Bag ;) Get it now!

Rara Black
RM 68 | RM 58
Ohh don't you just love these 2 dresses? The colourful dress is definitely the kinda dress you would wanna wear here in our country. The weather like ours, make a dress like this a must. And the nude colour dress is just what you need for a partayy.. I would want that for a walk down the red carpet at events ;) Pair it with a nice metallic Bronze clutch and sexy high heels, I can bet you the photographer won't be able to take their lens off you! ;)

Button N Zip
RM 69
Anothe Bib Necklace top! This explain the title of the post huh? But I seriously love this one. I love the rare looking studs on the neckline. And the material of the top looks pretty expensive. Worth the price ;) Pair this with a cool UK Flag Blazer and a Carry Bradshaw shoes, you're ready to hit the City babe! Gorgeous!

RM 70
This is a great piece of clutch to be completing the whole Bib Bib look. I love the chain of this clutch, very stylish and very Different ;) That's what fashion is, being different! Grab this already coz I know there's nothing much I could say bout this fabulous clutch! Fringe? Tick! Studs? Tick! Sexy chain? Tick!!! Go grab it! It's LIMITED!

Velvet Dream

RM 20
This headband is very Gossip Girl! Remember the crown they were all fighting for? Its the same design! Plus this piece cost only RM 20! Worth the money for an expensive Gossip Girl look! I said GRAB IT ALREADY!!!

Bella Lolita
RM 39
Ohh my gosh! I love this dress! I love the shoulder pad style, so Micheal Jackson. And I just love the colour of these 2 dresses! At only RM 39 for a stylish dress like this? I would kill! LOL! Better grab it now coz its very chic and unique. Love it!

Shop Dirty Pretty
RM 35 | RM 42 | RM 49
These cute dresses and tops are definitely gorgeous. I love the Madonna print top, very cool and gives you the Rocker chick look. Other than that, the pink top and the yellow dress both look really sweet and perfect for a Sunday outing with your partner ;) I bet he would definitely be more than happy to see you in these!

The Poplook
RM 59 | RM 69
These 2 dresses are very simple yet very elegant. I love the simple detail on them; the checkers lace and the big bow. Don't you think this is the perfect LBD (little black dress)? Yes? Grab it now coz I know these kinda dresses can be really useful for parties and events. And you can never go wrong with them ;) Fashion investment babe!!

RM 50 | RM 50
I love this electric blue colour especially when dresses comes in this colour. Totally eye-catching! I bet everyone will notice you once you wear these dresses ;) Plus the cute square ruffle details at the bust area is absolutely stunning don't you think? Total steal!

RM 49
This is a super cool clutch! Magazine cover style! Wait! There's more interesting thing bout it, you can customized it with any photo you want! Yes I'm serious! RM 49 only? Don't you think its kinda cool and worth it? Get it get it. ;)

The Hey Hey Hey
RM 30
Simple dress in a very sweet and stunning colour. You know, colour play a very important part in dressing up. It shows who you are and trust me, when I say these dress comes in 2 stunning colour, I mean "Hello I'm passing by, give way for the Fabulous Me!" LOL! Okayy I kinda sound like Kimora Lee Simmons already!

Nanano Boutique
RM 72
Ohh lala I love this bag! See the fringe there and ohh wait, they're studded at the end of each fringe! Just the right bag to complete your Bib Bib look! Why? With this bag, it can scream "I might be girlish, but I know how to Rock!" lol! Comes in these 2 nice colours ;)


Recently Updated and this is a QUICKIE ;)

Chance Boutique
RM 109 | RM 49 | RM 119

Rara Black
RM 50 | RM 57

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